Something to Blog on about.

BLOG IDEAS by owenwbrown, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  owenwbrown 

Cynical? That I may be, yet so are many others that question the validity and rationale behind so many blog posts across the course.

A question raised across a number of contexts/forums and not just online, I wonder if anyone else has blogged it and I have too much to do to go searching. Which raises another thought – to what depth are all of these blogs being punched out each week achieving? Does anyone recall or can they pinpoint a specific element of more than a couple of their blogs that has impacted them in any way that carries forward any ‘use’ whatsoever?

Maybe I am just short sighted and the lens through which I view the ‘en masse’ blog production fails to locate the poignant moment situated beyond this course that will deliver the moment of blog enlightenment. “Blogenment”? “Enlightenblog”? “Enblogenment?”

I don’t know. But I have reached my word limit and now I just have to go and validate the rest of my blogs with external links.


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